Title & Authors: Whatever… by  S.J. Goslee

Genre: YA LGBT

Series: Standalone

Release Date: August 2, 2016

Publisher: Roaring Brook Press

Source: Burrowed


Hilarity ensues when a slacker teen boy discovers he’s gay, in this unforgettably funny YA debut.

Mike Tate is a normal dude. He and his friends have a crappy band (an excuse to drink cheap beer and rock out to the Lemonheads) and hang out in parking lots doing stupid board tricks. But when Mike’s girlfriend Lisa, who knows him better than he does, breaks up with him, he realizes he’s about to have a major epiphany that will blow his mind. And worse–he gets elected to homecoming court.


It’s like the apocalypse came, only instead of nuclear bombs and zombies, Mike gets school participation, gay thoughts, and mother-effin’ cheerleaders.

Favorite Line:

“Is that supposed to mean organized sports? Because it looks like a puppet show about explosions and gay sex. Or jazz hands, which is basically the same thing”



I first saw this book advertised on and I thought what the hell why not. And I’m glad I read it. I was wondering how long it would take before an lgbt high school daze and confused/freaks and geek type book would come along and here it is.

Reasons i liked Whatever.:

Mike is about to start his junior year of high school and he is coming to terms with the fact that he likes guys. In the beginning he is kinda dating his friend Lisa but they’ve never really done anything except make out, so when they break up Mike discovers that it might have been for the best. The only thing I really was on the edge about was the things Mike said and did not say, that was slightly annoying but S.J Goslee really embodied the voice of a teenage slacker which I loved!

Mike is also a pothead who’s doesn’t changes his clothes that often, he is also in a crappy garage band, that practices in one of his friends basement. His family life is very weird and complacent, his mother writes children books and his little sister has imaginary friend’s plus two hermit crabs. His grandma is my favorite character it just how accepting she is of Mike begin gay. Which in the end makes his coming out story not as scary as he thought it would be but there’s still complications.

Down the street from Mike lives his archenemy Rook Wallace who use to beat him up in middle school but now those feeling have change and there’s tragedy around the corner for Mike.


There’s very little heart break but there are a few tears. But i think if you like freaks and geeks or any of the genre of high school pothead type movies or t.v shows then this book is for you my friend.

Whatever. is about coming to terms with who you are for perhaps the first time in your life, which may feel uncomfortable or strange. It has friendship, first loves, confusion on first dates, and stupid stunts that could land you in the hospital.